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After reading A Song of SixPence by A J Cronin, I was once again caught by the cronin-bug and hence grabbed Three Loves. Well, grabbing a Cronin book one after another can have a serious consequence. You may find similarities in the some part of the story line which could be a bit irritating. But I am eveready to forgive Mr Cronin because in the end he makes up for all that irritation by telling you a fabulous story.

Can you love someone too much ? Is there something called too much love ? Yes…I am talking about a love in a relationship which can be suffocating to the person who gets loved too much. A mother who loves her son/daughter too much that she still treats the kid like a child even when he is a full grown youth. A wife who loves her husband too much that she becomes overly possessive about her husband… A person who loves someone too much that it transforms more into an obsession rather than healthy love and respect… I hope you got an idea about what I mean when I say loving too much.

Three Loves by A J Cronin about this kind of love in which the lead character Lucy Moore lives her life filled with love for three people.  Lucy is initially portrayed as a normal, happy and devoted wife, but certain circumstances bring out the other side of her character – probably a side which was unknown to even her. Lucy starts to justify all her actions however inappropriate as actions based on love. Her expectations from the other person be it her husband or her son are too much.

But before you write off Lucy as a weak character, you should understand the woman who achieved the impossible by her sheer will power… everything to make her goal even in utter difficult situations…

I am impressed with the detail in which A J Cronin has written the character of Lucy Moore. Such a strong character driven by her goals, ready to endure all sorts of hardships for what she think is right…Never ready to accept defeat even at things which people think at impossible for her…

The book is worth reading for the exploration of the character Lucy Moore. Unlike most other A J Cronin books, this book leaves you very unsettled in the end because in the end some part of you feel sorry for Lucy Moore.

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