12 Angry Men (1957) – Movie Review

IMDB Top 250 – Position 6

Movie Information

Directed by
Sidney Lumet
Written by Reginald Rose
Starring Henry Fonda
Release Year 1957
Running time 96 minutes

A young man is accussed of stabbing his father to death and there are two major eye witnesses who swear that they saw the young man commit the crime and flee the scene. The young man is neither able to provide a proper alibi as to his whereabouts when his father was murdered. The jury consists of 12 people and an unanimous decision is required for a sentence – either guilty or non-guilty.

All the 12 but one in the jury is convinced that the boy murdered his father and is very much ready to hand him the mandatory death sentence if he is found guilty. The 12th person is not convinced about the guilt of the boy and 11 other jury members are ready to pounce on him for wasting their time on a rather easy decision.

The movie of 96 minutes in duration is shot in a single room except for three minutes consisting of a court room scene and the steps of the court house.I believe it takes a lot of talent to create a movie with a single set and keep the audience on their toes by superb dialogues.

This movie is nothing like any other movie that I have watched…There isn’t much actions, no colors, no change of scenes…nothing much changes from the first few minutes till the last…Probably only thing that we see is that a bunch of men who were too influenced by the statement of the eye witnesses that the never gave a minute’s thought about what would have actually happened.

Reginald Rose‘s screenplay is awesome and not even one of the dialogues can be missed. You have to listen carefully, digest and think along with the jury members whenever a point is put for by Juror #8 who started the debate by putting forward a doubt about the boy’s guilt.

Verdict:  Don’t get put off by the black and white movie…Just don’t miss this movie… Must watch !!!

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