Love and Marriage by Bill Cosby – Book Review

Love and Marriage by Bill Cosby was a book that I grabbed soon after marriage or even before that … Yea, I have forgotten the time I picked and this book remained in my ‘currently-reading’ list for quite some time. 

Love and Marriage is Bill Cosby’s personal experience about the various women in his life since his childhood, and how he grew up and how he has been evolving in his relationship with his wife. It is quite hilarious and fun to read. But the fact is that I got bored by the second half of the book that I left it without completing it. Later two months before, I picked this book, started it and finished it before keeping it aside.

I liked reading the book; but it is more like reading a transcript of a standup comedy performance. There is no depth in any subject he wrote in this book even on the topic of his marriage. You just imagine a book of his thoughts which he missed delivering on the podium. That would be an apt description of the book..Nevertheless I believe that most people will enjoy reading it.

Verdict: Pick this book if you are looking for a light comedy or if you are a fan of stand up comedy

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