A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens – Book Review

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I had studied A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens when I was in school, but apart from a vague idea about the story, I had forgotten almost all of the story. I picked up A Christmas Carol in an attempt to complete my goodreads.com 2012 Reading Challenge, but then I could not finish it on time..

I downloaded an ebook version of the book from Project Gutenberg so that I can read in on my tablet. The book is quite small, around 76 pages on my tablet.


Ebenezer Scrooge is a miser and he hates Christmas and the celebrations around it. He could be called a really cruel person also.On the Christmas Eve he is visited by the spirit of his dead partner Jacob Marley and tells him about the three ghosts who is going to visit him soon – Christmas Past, Christmas  Present and Christmas Future. The three visits turns the life of Scrooge upside down and finally he understands the underlying theme of Christmas – joy, love and sharing.

My Thoughts

This book makes you think a lot especially if it is around Christmas time…Is/Was your Christmas an occasion of joy, love, happiness and sharing ? Did you find opportunities to share with the needy? Was it an occasion for being more charitable in words and deeds?   These are the thoughts that come when you read the story about the cruel Scrooge…

Another theme that is profound in the story is that if there is love, then there is so much happiness how much little you have…no matter how much poor you are..The family  of Bob  Cratchit, the assistant of Scrooge is merrier than most people around…

I am not sure I appreciate the Classics so much because the stories feel much far from real life in this age. Nevertheless I would like to continue reading the Classics one by one, and sometimes re-reading the books to recollect the essence of these books.

Do you enjoy reading Classics? Should I join some reading Challenge to read them? Is that a good idea?

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