A Glass of Blessings by Barbara Pym – Book Review

a glass of blessings by barbara pym

First Publication : 1973
Source: Netgalley Review copy

I think it is important to understand the nature of the generation when this book was written and first published…otherwise this book will look so out of place…especially the character Wilmet.

Wilmet is a 30 year old woman married to Rodney, who works for the government. They live in a house owned by her mother in law Sybil , which means that Wilmet does not have any of those household responsiblities as such. Rodney and Wilmet are a childless couple; I am not sure if it is by fate or by choice.

As people say that we take many things for granted, Wilmet has taken few things for granted especially her household comfortableness. She is bored and tries to occupy herself in the proceedings of a nearby Anglo-Catholic church which has 3 priests of very interesting characters. Piers Longridge who is her best friend’s unmarried brother comes as a saving comfort in her life and she finds herself attracted to him. But sometimes things are not what she perceive them to be? Doesn’t that happen to all of us?

My Thoughts

This book is more like a simple read…It is just a story of a bored person. But Wilmet as such is not a boring character. I liked the different conversations in the book which Wilmet has with Rodney, Sybil, Mary, Piers etc. Barbara Pym has a way of writing these conversations..

And dialogues by Sybil is another thing to look forward to. She is very much on dot without coming across as a dominating person. Piers Longridge’s character is quite vague in the beginning, though it becomes much clearer towards the end of the book.

A Glass of Blessings is all about having a lot of beautiful things in your life which you may not appreciate very much because we sometimes take them for granted …Like family, spouse, love relationships, friendships…It just makes you think – Am I appreciating these blessings enough? I think that is all this is meant for…

Verdict: This is a very simple, but well written book about family, relationships, and friendship :). I enjoyed read this…

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