Recent Books on My Shelf #1

I thought I will start a new feature and write about all those books that gets a place on my bookshelf or which ever place a book can be placed without being attacked by my daughter.

Here are two books that I got from Justbooks Library.  I visited the AECS Layout branch in Bangalore for the first time and that look like a very expensive place indeed.

I reviewed ‘Once upon the tracks of Mumbai” by Indian author Rishi Vohra last day. This book has a Bollywood, but this book is quite enjoyable overall. Read my review of Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai.

Children of the Jacaranda Tree by Sahar Delijani was another wonderful book. You will have to wait for some time to read my formal review. The book is based on the impact on few lives of the 1988 massacre of the political activists in Iran by the Iranian government.

I finished A Glass of Blessings by Barbara Pym two days back. This was a Kindle galley from Netgalley. Though this book was first published in 1973, the open road publishers are bringing out another edition of the same. This is a very simple book, but very much enjoyable. Read my review of A Glass of Blessings.

I am currently reading the kindle version of Keeping House by Margaret Kim Peterson. This looks very much different from what I usually expect myself to do. But with a full time work schedule and a toddler crying constantly for my attention whenever I am at home, housekeeping is very
stressful. This book is to smooth out all those frustrations, change some attitudes and make my own life easier.  I am around half way through the book and don’t agree with lot of reasons and justifications that the author is using to glorify housekeeping, but I liked overall theme of
the book.

Serious Men by Manu Joseph was an impulsive buy on my recent visit to Reliance Timeout on Cunningham Road. I was actually horrified by the limited choices that were displayed compared to the previous one floor Reliance Timeout. This book cover was very tempting indeed and the cover
speaks about the awards won by Manu Joseph for this book. I read around 20-30 pages of the book and currently not in any position to comment on it… Do wait…This is the book I will pick once I am a bit tired of reading Kindle books.


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