Tea For Two and a Piece of Cake by Preeti Shenoy

Let me write this review when the story is fresh in my mind…

After my abstinence from reading Indian authors for some time (you never know what you get to read), I have been reading quite a few books by Indian authors. But I am yet to explore books by Salman Rushdie which I want to start with Midnight’s Children…

Two cups of tea and a piece of cake was an impulsive pick from Justbooks Library shelf..If I think properly, most of my library picks are like that. I have no clue what made me pick this book except that cute cover. Don’t you agree that a book cover is very important ?

When I started with the book, I was slightly disappointed by the Mills & Boons style of the story. After all I believe that I am past reading the-handsome-hunk-falling-for-plain-jane kind of stories.  And the protagonist calls herself the plain-jane Nisha.  But Preeti Shenoy has a way of telling stories with a concise and to the point narration. There is not much elaborate description about the dawn or the sunlight streaming into the room or the beauty of the sunset at the beach. Yes, the user was spared all that and I am grateful to Preeti for that. It is not that I don’t like such writings, but I think that if those things are not well written, they can become rather intrusive during your reading.

Preeti Shenoy has a beautiful writing style and I read this book in a single day, some of the credit goes to a sick child who was too cranky to sleep.  I was too engrossed in the story and didn’t realize that I reached the end of the story. I found the ending to be quite believable in the current Indian urban lifestyle.

Ok. Now about some things I didn’t like about the book. Sometimes the narrator went into a justification mode about how things went bad between herself and her husband Samir. Ok. Now don’t curse me for breaking the suspense because the news about broken marriage comes in the first page of the story. She shares the blame, but doesn’t do anything about it or rather the husband who was so caring and loving in the pre-marriage era is almost a monster after marriage. And they have two children about whom he does not bother at all. I understand that there are fathers like that, but Samir’s character looked a little far-fetched. There is just an email to justify his actions, though no one in their right mind will say that dumping your wife was the best solution to his situation.

Verdict: Beautifully written story about marriage, relationships and children. Will recommend this to every married person, both male and female.

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