Serious Men by Manu Joseph – Book Review

I was getting slightly irritated after my several attempts to write a meaningful review for this particular book.And then one day I realised that I have two options with me – Either forget about writing any review or just write a review be it good or bad. From my experience, whenever I have deferred writing a review within a month of reading the book,the chances of writing the review are almost zero. So here it is..

I am still wondering how this book didn’t get involved in a media cross fire or rather political crossfire. That is very strange for India and Indians. Ok now why should it be criticized? This book has a brahmins Vs Dalits theme backdrop. It does not appear little enough to ignore it. So if someone really wants to make an issue about it,, they have umpteen reasons to do so. The only possible explanations I can think of is that happens that a bunch of sensible people read this book and they didn’t make a issue out of it and moreover decided to appreciate the book.

Serious Men is a bunch of nerds or doctorate holders who works in the Institute of Theory and Research. So you should imagine a bunch of scholarly people ( imagine your old professors) and these people think about aliens, astrophysics and jargons of the that range. And then there is a Ayyan Mani who is a personal assistant to one of these serious men or rather the Director of the Institute. Now don’t underestimate Ayyan Mani. He just happen to be born into the wrong family which denied him the opportunities that would have come to him if he were to be born in a higher caste family. So Ayyan Mani is a frustrated but intelligent human being and bored with his meaningless existence though he is much envied among his people. Ayyan Mani has his own methods of having fun even putting his very job at risk by writing unacceptable quotes and tagging it with the name of some celebrity or by trying to make his son look like a science prodigy by fooling his teachers.

My Thoughts
I didn’t had a single clue about what this book is all about when I started reading the first line of the book. Actually I was unhappy when I read the first few pages of the book. But once I started reading few more pages, the book was very interesting. 

Serious Men is thoroughly a book by an Indian about the typical Indians you find everywhere. The rich, the poor, the kids – all are just the kind of people you find around you. May be that is the beauty and strength of this book. 

I will keep my review kind of short as I mentioned in my first paragraph. 

This book is funny and quite interesting. And don’t worry about the fact that it has won an award. This is not a boring book :P.

Verdict: Quite Interesting read about Indians.

Source: Bought this book from Reliance Timeout ( which is kind of rare these days).

PS: Did you like the cover art? I loved it. And that is a picture of my daughter trying to reach out for the book. And isn’t that giraffe cute?

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5 thoughts on “Serious Men by Manu Joseph – Book Review

  1. Reema Sahay

    Hey, this book is on my list right now but I was also a little scared. Somehow I have the feeling that it is a heavy duty one. Is it fast-paced? Engrossing? Sometimes I really don’t get these award winning books, I tell you. Midnight’s Children and Life of Pie have both been abandoned midway :-(
    I like the picture you have used. It is different than the usual book cover. And these kids really want to get their hands on our books all the time!

    1. Elizabeth

      There is nothing much heavy duty in this book. Imagine a research institute in India and try thinking about all scientific stuff they think about. Think about all those old people, how they try to keep up with scientific things, but are so outdated themselves..It is a story of some of those people..

      Give it a try :) You should like it…

  2. nikhimenon

    had read this book a year ago-the hard cover edition….

    a satirical one,but dont agree with many of the author’s views…..the ending was also pretty mediocre

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