Children of the Jacaranda Tree by Sahar Delijani – Book Review


Children of the Jacaranda Tree is based on the 1988 execution of political activists in Iran during when thousands of people were executed secretly by the Iranian government. The exact number of people executed is not known even now.

My Thoughts

Beautiful and mature writing touching varied emotions of lives scarred by the 1988 execution, the Iran-Iraq war etc makes this a beautiful and well written book. Honestly I was horrified by the cruelty faced by those political activists.

The book is a set of stories about different people who are affected in different ways by the execution. Some lost their husbands, some lost their sons, some lost their mothers, some lost their fathers. Probably there was not a single person in the country who was not affected by the execution. And thus each life has a painful story to tell which is associated with the execution.

Sahar Delijiani has struck the right chords with her writing. She talks about the people who has left the country physically but who can never release the bond. Can you lead a peaceful life in another country when your fellow countrymen are struggling in your own country? Can you ever forget the horrid scars left on your life by the massive execution? Is it always possible to leave your country in the hour of her need? These are the questions and answers that are explored in this story set in the post-revolutionary era after the 1988 execution.

Overall, I loved the writing and was horrified about the incidents that happened during the revolution. Recommended to everyone who likes to read historical fiction.

Rating:  4/5
Year of Release: June 2013
Genre:  Historical Fiction

Note: I received a review copy from the publisher through netgalley in return for a honest review.

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