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Few Short Reviews [UBC – Day 26]

Sometimes you will read a book and will like it so much, but find it difficult to actually write a long review about it. I often face this issue. So I have decided to tackle it by writing short reviews of them rather than never writing them at all.

I was intrigued by the cover of ‘Our Lady of Alice Bhatti’ by award winning author Mohammed Hannif. Remember he wrote ‘A Case of Exploding Mangoes’  and I had not read it.

Our Lady of Alice Bhatti is an engaging book about a Catholic nurse Sister Alice Joseph Bhatti who works in a government hospital in Pakistan. The book mostly talks about her life and work at the hospital. I actually never understood the significance of the title of the book until the very end.

The story tells about Alice, Joseph Bhatti her father who uses unconventional methods to cure stomach ulcers, Noor the young boy who works at the hospital and takes care of his mother, Teddy Butt the police gonda etc.

I enjoyed reading this book but I actually found the ending to be more amusing that interesting. Probably the ending took me by surprise indeed.
The Loving Spirit was an attempt to read other works of Daphne Du Maurier after felling in love with Rebecca. The Loving Spirit has a totally different theme. It is a story of a Janet Coombe who loves the sea and everything about it, but ends up giving up all her dreams and wishes for her family. Janet tries to live her desires through her family and her ultimate fantasy is fulfilled when her family builts a ship named after her.

The Loving Spirit is a lovely story about a family spanned over four generations and it is centered around Janet even after her death. This was more of a simple read unlike Rebecca, but I was able to appreciate the talent Daphne expressed even in her debut novel.

You will be seeing a lot more reviews of books written by these authors in this space.

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  1. Reema Sahay

    I have the first one. I won it in one of the contests. But I neve heard of the second one. For that matte, I get to know a lot of new authors and books here. It also reminds me to join Netgalley now that the challenge is over ha ha


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