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How Do I Manage to Read So Many Books? [UBC – Day 8]

Today I am going to reveal the secret behind my reading accomplishments towards Goodreads Challenge 2013. As you read in Goodreads Reading Challenge – 2013 – An Update, I have read 34 books in the first half of 2013 and 75 books in my target to be achieved.

Now something about me…I am a working mother to a toddler girl named Clara. I leave home for work at 7:05 am (that is when my cab comes) and reach home by 7 pm. Once I reach home, I am mostly occupied by my daughter. I spend the next few hours playing with my daughter, cooking dinner or food for her (before I got a full time maid) and then putting her to sleep. Then how do I manage to read so much?

The simple answer is I love books and everything about them.

This is the most accurate answer. But then there are seldom one-sentence answers to most questions.

TV – I don’t want you

The first secret to happy reading is – there is no TV in my home. Ok. This is not entirely true.My husband did have  a TV, a Tata Sky setup box and an antenna even before our marriage. But they have been carefully packed and kept somewhere in the storage room and it has been so even after our marriage. I am sure that my book reading will come down sharply the day the TV is up and running.

Youtube He Na ?

Now for all those people who think I have a boring existence without TV. It is not so, because I have
umpteen movies in my laptop and hard disk and we watch them whenever we feel like it. We also watch movies on youtube and online websites like

Amazon Kindle App Ki Jai!

Then the next secret. I have a galaxy tab with Amazon Kindle App installed. This makes things very much easy for me to carry as many books with me wherever I go. But where is the time to read books even on tablets?

I travel around 2.5 hours every week day and I have either a physical copy of a book or my Galaxy tab on most day. That counts for 2.5 hours for reading everyday.( This is the deal breaker !!!)

Voracious Reading and Squeaky Clean House Don’t Go Together

I read whenever I am free at home. I am not good at housekeeping and have left most of it to my maid since April which mean I am relatively free on weekends. I read before going to sleep and whenever I am in a mood to take a nap with my baby during weekends.

One Life, So Many Books – Be Picky

Another secret to reading more books is all about choosing the right books. I don’t like to read the book blurb before reading as I think it will spoil some of the fun in reading the book. But I make it a point to look the book up in before starting. If I find a lot of unfavorable comments, I decide to abandon the book then and there. And I will pick the next one. If I have picked up a book which is not going well, I just leave it midway and pick the next. These two things saves a lot of my time and I don’t regret doing so.

So these are all the secrets and if you think properly, I should be reading much more books than 75 per year. 😛 To accomplish that I will have to chuck Facebook out and I am not yet ready to do that. May be sometime soon…

This post is a part of the Ultimate Blogging Challenge – July 2013 during which I strive to post at least once a day.

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4 thoughts on “How Do I Manage to Read So Many Books? [UBC – Day 8]

  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    I face this question very often…Though I dont have a toddler (or a husband) at home, but I work and have travel job.
    But your first point is absolutely correct. I love to read…I read anything between 50-100 books a year and I love to do so…but alas! its tough to explain.

  2. I was nodding at this Voracious Reading and Squeaky Clean House Don’t Go Together

    Same pinch here 😀

    I also read while travelling and I believe in the simple saying. If you really like something you will make time for it

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