The Reluctant Blogger by Ryan Rapier – Book Review [UBC – Day 10]

The Reluctant Blogger is an unconventional kind of book where the whole story is written as blog posts entries. Yea, the book is little late considering that there are only few people who actually bother to blog these days.

Todd Laundry is the author of the blog and he writes it to convey his thoughts to his psychiatrist about what is going on his mind. Then to the reason why he needs a psychiatric help – he is a recent widower and is unable to cope up with the tragedy of losing his wife unexpectedly.

The above paragraph pretty much sums up the theme of the story, but there is an important element that plays a pivotal role in the whole of the story. To be frank, that kind of shares the central theme of this book. It is the Todd belongs to the Mormom Church which is also called as Latter Day Saint (LDS).

Now I am a Catholic and the Mormom Church was almost alien to me until I started reading this book. I should say that I have never ever dwelt on that topic though I know that ‘The Book of Mormom’ occupies one of the top positions in ‘Best Books’ list.

LDS Culture is a very tightly bound social structure where each individual is bound to each other with the church playing the central point. Each person is associated with at least one of the church activities and their teachings are pretty strict.

The Reluctant Blogger is the story of Todd Laundry and his loved ones where they cope up with the family tragedy. And how they shape up their lives either living in sync with their faith or not.

My Thoughts

It was an interesting story to read, though the idea of blog posts was not very effective. It such served the purpose of conforming with the book title.

There is a lot of LDS Culture all through out the book. Actually the book is all about the Mormom Church. There is a lot of thoughts about church activities, sunday church, scouting and a lot of other things which most of the people cannot relate.

Though I could not clearly understand the Mormom faith, I loved the part where a person’s mind is in conflict with his faith. This added a lot of depth to the book when Todd questions his faith and what he logically things what is correct.

I loved those parts where Dr. Schenk pushes lots of thoughts into Todd’s mind and make him realize things which he never knew before. I was very much impressed with Ryan Rapier’s in depth knowledge of human behavior. 

The title ‘The Reluctant Blogger’ though intriguing does not suit the book in whole. The part of Todd being reluctant to express his thoughts is a very slight problem in the overall storyline. I think the story would have been equally effective without the blog post structure.

Anyway, the reluctant blogger is not a book that can be ignored considering that it deals a lot with Mormom Church. There is a lot of in depth writings about human relationships and love but not at all boring :)

Verdict: Inspite of this book being all about the Mormom Church, I will still recommend it.

Rating: 4/5
Publisher: Bonneville
First Release: Aug 2013

PS: I received a copy of this book from publisher through netgalley in return for my honest opinion.

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