Top Ten Posts on This Blog [UBC-Day 13]

Some reviews are easier to write but many reviews are tough to write because it is very difficult to translate your emotions, thoughts, feelings to written text. I have always associated popularity of the posts based on the popularity of the book or movie that I have reviewed. But the site statistics have always proved me wrong.

So here is the look at the most popular posts on this blog from June 2009. I know that I have kept a ‘Popular Posts’ widget on my left side bar. But those cover only the last 30 days and I think that is a justifiable period.

1. The Adventures of Tintin: Movie Review

This movie review is the most popular post on this entire blog and I was totally surprised at the number of people who came looking for the review.

2. The Citadel by A J Cronin- Book Review

I have already written about my love for the works of A J Cronin and since he is a author who is practically unknown to many in the world, it is not surprising that I get a lot of organic search hits for his books.

3. Trinity by Leon Uris – Book Review

I was hooked to Leon Uris ever since I read his Exodus, but I was not actually aware of the popularity of Trinity which is the story of Ireland from the Great Irish Famine in 1840s to the Easter Rising of 1916.

4. Book Review : Dork By Sidin Vadukut

The popularity of this book review has slightly intrigued me recently. As per stats this is 4th most popular post on this blog.

5. The Keys of the Kingdom by A J Cronin – Book Review

This is my favorite book by A J Cronin and as I mentioned before, there are a lot of A J Cronin fans or probably students all around the world who visit my blog regularly for reviews.

6. Adventures in Two Worlds by A J Cronin–Book Review

Adventures in Two Worlds in the autobiography of A J Cronin though I did not realize that till I was almost half way through the book.

7. Amelia Movie Review

I was flabbergasted the day I realized that Amelia Earhart do trigger a lot of curiosity and there are a lot of people who reaches my blog searching for more information about this movie. Amelia (2009) directed by Indian director Mira Nair  is based on the real life story of Amelia Earhart Putnam, the first woman pilot to fly solo over the Atlantic Ocean. 

8. Ice Age 4 – Continental Drift – Movie Review

The popularity of this movie review is quite evident if you consider the fact that we can count on our fingers the number of people around us who has not seen at least one Ice Age movie – be it on TV or at a theatre.

9. Three Loves by A J Cronin – Book Review

I consider Three Loves as a mediocre work by A J Cronin, but there are a lot of people who are visiting this blog to get more information about it.

10. Beyond This Place by A J Cronin – Book Review

Beyond This Place is another Ok kind of book from A J Cronin but as a A J Cronin fan, I can understand the popularity of this book.

 I hope I have convinced all of you to give A J Cronin a try if you have never read one of his works. Flipkart has The Citadel and The Keys of the Kingdom, but they are on the slightly expensive side. Try raiding the old second hand book shops in your place; trust me you will be very much surprised. Amazon Kindle Store also has a decent enough collection of his works.


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