UBC – Day 4 – A J Cronin Book Collection

As I have decided to take part in the Ultimate Blogging Challenge, I thought I will get away with today’s post with a picture of my personal book collection of my favorite author – Archibald Joseph Cronin ( A J Cronin).

A J Cronin was a Scottish physician and a novelist who has written more than 35 novels and short stories. I should say that he adorns the top position in my favorite authors list. His works has around 19 film adaptations.

The above picture is a photo of my A J Cronin books and all of them except them are second hand book. The Keys of the Kingdom is my husband’s personal copy as he is also a great fan of A J Cronin.

My copy of The Citadel is missing from this picture as I have lent it to my friend. I got most of these second hand copies from Blossom Book House, Church Street, Bangalore. Believe me, that place is a paradise for book lovers.

 I have three more books in my collection which is not there in this picture – Shannon’s Way, Beyond This Place and The Judas Tree.

Find below the list of books in my collection and  my reviews.

  1. The Keys of the Kingdom (Highly Recommended)
  2. Adventures in Two Worlds (Autobiography)
  3. Three Loves
  4. A Song of SixPence
  5. Beyond This Place
  6. The Citadel
  7. Hatter’s Castle
  8. The Judas Tree
  9. A Pocketful of Rye
  10. Grand Canary
  11. Crusader’s Tomb

This post is a part of the Ultimate Blogging Challenge – July 2013 during which I strive to post at least once a day.

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5 thoughts on “UBC – Day 4 – A J Cronin Book Collection

    1. Elizabeth

      You should try one of his books. I would recommend The Citadel, The Keys of the Kingdom etc. The only problem is that it is pretty difficult to get hold of his books except in some second hand book shops.

    1. Elizabeth

      My husband absolutely loved ‘The Keys of the Kingdom’ so much that he was scared to read any more cronin books…What if they are not as good as that one?

      The genre is just simple literature/fiction…Cronin was a doctor, so most of his writings are set in rural places and many characters are related to his profession.


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