Those Pricey Thakur Girls by Anuja Chauhan


This book bowled me over from the very first page and I was able to persuade my husband to read it by just reminding him that I was literally LOL-ing in the middle of the night…Haaah!!!

The first thing that hit you when you start reading this one is nostalgia…about your childhood when you used to spend hours infront of the Doordarshan, watch the evening news, watch the comedy serials, Surabhi etc. This book takes you back to that era and we start feeling funny about how our lives have changed for better or worse…

Those Pricey Thakur Girls is an unusual love story between Debjani Thakur and Dylan Singh…This is not a ‘bells will ring when you meet your true love’ kind of story. Probably the effects are almost opposite in their case (ok…some bollywood theme).

Anuja Chauhan has included just everything to make a funny read. She is not bothered about what is totally appropriate for that 1980-1990s era, but she just want to ensure that the readers do enjoy every bit of it.I should just conclude that this is a book by an Indian author that I enjoyed thoroughly for its humor content.

I believe there is a sequel of the book coming up soon. Am I right? I hope so…Because Those Pricey Girls has mostly dwelled on Debjani Thakur and a little bit here and there about the other three girls. There is a lot of scope to write about the other sisters too.

You should just go, grab a copy and read it…Don’t forget to let me know how you felt about it.

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Rating: 4.5/5
Publisher: Michael Joseph
First Release: Jan 2012
Source: Library

One thought on “Those Pricey Thakur Girls by Anuja Chauhan

  1. Vikas Khair

    Nice review .. I enjoyed ‘The Zoya Factor’ by Anuja and her second book is still pending in my bookcase but I would go and buy this one too after all collection is something :)


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