Asura – Tale of the Vanquished by Anand Neelakantan – Review

asura tale of the vanquished by anand neelakantan

“Classic”. Anand Neelakantan has come up with a masterpiece. This is Ravanayana, story of Ravana and his race. A rags to riches story of an half-caste upstart, who went from being a brigand to a rebel to an emperor. Story of a man who was not ashamed of his instincts, one who embraces all of them and doesn’t take the “exalted” path of being a super-being and in doing so becomes “Dasamukha”

There are two main protagonists , not Ravana and Ram but Ravana and a common asura – Bhadra.

The common man gives a total different depth to the story and I kept on empathizing with him. For he fights, kills,steals, falls in love, despairs.  All for his ideals, for his king, his nation and his race even though he knows that no one is going to thank him and that he can live in any circumstances.

Ravana is portrayed as a man, who due to some vagaries of fate is able to fulfill his ambitions. Some one who starts with a lot of ideals but get corrupted in the way, loses his fervor, overlooks the promises and all that unknowingly.

What separates this work from all the recent fictions based on mythology is the common man, for you realize that it is not easy to say who is villain and who is hero. You realize that though the characters are not there but the same story gets played around us everyday. It tell us how easy is it to become infidel towards your ideals once the power is acquired.

PS: This is a guest post written by TH.

Note: I received a copy of this book from Leadstart Publishing in return for a honest review.

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