2014 – My Year in Books

I try to end the year with a Goodreads Challenge update post talking about how many books I read in a given year, and if I were able to complete the challenge and all that trivia.

This year I had almost forgotten about the Goodreads Challenge as I blogged the Goodreads Challenge completion way back in September. To be frank, it was a kind of cheating from my side as I put a much lesser number this year. But still 30 books is a good enough challenge with a toddler and a newborn baby around.

I have read 40 books in 2014 though I had kept a figure of 30 books for the challenge this year. I am so happy that I could read a lot of amazing books this year.

 Link: The 40 Books I Read in 2014 

Goodreads has gone ahead and have listed out few more stats in detail to make things more interesting. These are quite self explanatory. Do find your stats on goodreads. I think a banner will come up when you click the ‘My Books’ tab at the top of your respective home page after login.

I read 40 books this year compared to 59 books in 2013. Still not bad at all ! The numbers for 2009 are much low because I would not have so diligent about recording my readings in 2009 which is the year I joined goodreads. Or may be I didn’t read much that year.

The ‘publication year’stats is quite interesting. Most of my reads in 2013 and 2014 had been ARCs from Netgalley. This explains the large number of blue dots on the top. I think it is time to diversify my reading a little more.

Looking at the above slides, I am determined to improve the ‘publication year’ stats next year and this indicates that it is time to take the Classic Club seriously. Did I tell you that I have not read even a single book for the Classic Club? :(

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4 thoughts on “2014 – My Year in Books

  1. Mukkadan

    Congrats on reaching 40! :P I believe this is a commendable achievement considering the fact that you are a mom X 2! My reading was quite bad this year. Guess I’d completed just a couple of books. Nevertheless so happy that I could finish a classic [Kim] & an awesome creation from Benyamin [Manjaveyil Maranangal]! Wish you a totally book friendly year ahead!!! :) Happy reading!


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