As Each Day Passes By

There doesn’t seems to be anything great or rather interesting happening around that is catching my attention these days. The only exception is Books. I think I have developed a bigger hunger for books and they have come to take a large portion of my time and of course, the credit card bill.

Each time I buy a book, I promise myself to stop spending money on books especially in the season of Lent. But the sight of books is too much tempting that I go into a it-is-ok-to-spend-some-money-for-yourself mode. Isn’t that a good excuse? The fact is that the shelf allocated to my non-existent fourth roomie is overflowing with my books and I will be in deep trouble if a fourth person happens to present herself in my room one day.

The Help Hardcover by Kathryn Stockett

So here is the list of some of the books currently on my shelf or which will soon find a place there.
The Help

  1. Acquiring a copy of the bestseller The Help by Kathryn Stockett still remains an unfulfilled dream. Ordering it online through Indiaplaza ended up in a cancellation due to stock issues. Rediff books promised me a copy and the status is still ‘Awaiting Dispatch’ for more than a week.
  2. Flipkart surprised me by sending a copy of Shutter Island the very next day.
    My Sister’s Keeper: A Novel
  3. I acquired a second hand copy of My Sister’s Keeper through
  4. I am currently reading Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. Will write a review about it very soon.
My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult

The best part of all the book hunting is the raiding of the second hand book shops around M G Road in Bangalore. Blossoms on Church Street, Select bookshop on Brigade Road, BookWorm on Brigade Road etc are our favorite places.

Yesterday, I joined with a corporate membership. I got two books delivered at my office – The Rainmaker by John Grisham and The Class by Erich Segal. I seriously hope that I can cut down on my credit card bill with this investment. But I personally don’t trust myself.

As of now, I am reading Dear John and is planning to watch the movie when I get a chance. After reading Mr Dabbler’s “insane review” ( Sorry Sidin, I had to borrow your words) about Dork, I think I will read that next. The rest of the books will have to wait. I have no idea when I will get some time to finish off my stack of unread books.

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