Era of Vampires and Ghosts ???

I didn’t find the Drakula interesting. Some how the very idea of scaring you to an extreme end by reading is not my idea of spending time reading. So I didn’t show much interest in The Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer or the whole set of books by the same author. Some how I disregarded these books as something which will have a  few days’ glory and die down.

I was wrong. The books by Stephanie Meyer and a whole lot of Vampire stories have become best seller books in the recent past. I am not sure about the reason since I haven’t yet ventured to read even one of these books. The idea of vampires and ghosts is still impressive to me. I feel that there are a lot of books that has been well written without bringing in the complexity of unnatural things. But I should say that I did like books like ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ and ‘Timeline’.

Is it that these vampire stories are mainly romantic stories that they have gained huge popularity? Probably it is possible to bring out bigger-than-life characters easily in such stories.  Or is it that these authors do an exceptionally great work in drawing the readers to the vampire world that they come back for more and more.

I do know that Harry Potter was something I loved and has read all the seven books as soon as I could get hold of a copy. But I can’t associate both these series to find out a reason for the immense popularity of the vampire and ghost stories.

Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger was a book that I was looking forward to read since I loved The Time Traveler’s Wife by her.(Read my review here) But I have abandoned that plan when I came to know that it is actually a ghost story.

May be one day I will read one of these books and find this genre of books appealing. But I believe it is not going to come so soon since I have too many non-vampire non-ghost books in my ‘to read’ list…

5 thoughts on “Era of Vampires and Ghosts ???

  1. Shweta

    I can understand why someone wouldn’t want to read paranormal fiction but when it’s well written I think ,it shouldn’t matter.

    Harry Potter was a wizard and Hermione a witch but that didn’t stop them from being endeared to readers all ages. It’s all in the treatment. Anne Rice’s witches make Rowling’s witches look like innocent babies !I think u ought to give Her Fearful Symmetry a try. I is haunting at best .Has it’s flaws but definitely worth reading

  2. Elizabeth

    My mind is not closed against such Genre of books, yet find it difficult to venture into it.
    I will take up your suggestion seriously; afterall I loved ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’.

    Thanks a lot for dropping by :)

  3. Lydia

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  4. Elizabeth

    Thanks for dropping by and for the encouragement. I have lots of things to write, but finding lesser time to sit and write… But will soon do it…


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