The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini

Well, this is my first attempt to write a review for a book. So I decided to start with a book which I found to be a truly amazing literary work.

This is a book which makes you feel so bad, yet makes you want to thank God for all the blessings that we have in our lives – for our loving parents, for our culture, society and of course our governments..

This book is all about unconditional love, guilt, pain, poverty,betrayal. Somehow I haven’t read any other book where all these emotions touch you. You tend to feel the same emotions of love, pain, guilt etc when each of the character goes through these emotions. In this way,the author is successful in keeping the reader quite involved in the story. The story takes you through the life of Amir, settled professional in United States, who was born and brought up in Afghanisthan. Amir lives in United States, a country which he embraced not only because of the political asylum she provided, but also it allowed him freedom from his turbulent past. In the end of the story, we feel the same sense of relief, that Amir the protaganist felt himself.

Amir is a rich father’s son surrounded by all the riches, but he is always left yearning for the love of his father. Hussain, the servant’s kid is Amir’s close friend. Though Amir is not jealous of Hussain, he feels bad when his father pours out his love on Hussain. Hussain loves Amir with all his heart and is always ready to be there for his master and friend. His only aim is to please and protect Amir.

The story progress through the change of governments in Afghanistan and the drastic change in the life style of people. It also depicts the changed relation between Amir and Hussain after a unfortunate incident during a kite flying competition..Amir ends up betraying the trust of Hussain and this burdens his heart so much that he plots the removal of Hussain from his life.Through all this Amir finds it difficult to accept the loving and forgiving nature of Hussain which was increasing his burden. Amir finds some release from his burden only after leaving his country and he had become an insomniac by that time.

The story ends when Amir travels back to Afghanistan and tries to put things right.This travels paves his way to his redemption when he finds his lost childhood , hidden family secrets, contradicting values and tries to come in terms with his mistakes, guilt , pain and sets to makes things better for people around him.

Now if you start wondering if this is a review or a description of a book, I would say “Keep Wondering”. But if you would like to wonder aloud, feel free to put a comment.

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