The Time Traveler’s Wife : Book and Movie Review

‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ by Audrey Niffenegger was published in the year 2003. This was a book that I had wanted to read for a long time, but wasn’t ready to buy it considering the price. Later, I succeeded in getting my friend to buy me this as a birthday gift.

I am not sure what was my expectation when I decided to read this book apart from the fact that there is a movie that was released in 2009 based on this book. Anyway I think this is one of the best romance books I have read. I cannot say that it is a romance book because there are no wild romantic fantasies in this book.

Henry De Tamble is a librarian and suffers from a genetic disorder that makes him time travel to the past and the future without his will. Clare Abshire is an artist who meets Henry when she was 6 , while he was time traveling at age 36.The story is basically the story of their love which needs to stand the test of the time and all the complexities involved with a person who finds himself in another place and another time without his will.

Apart from the time traveling, the story is a very realistic one about deep love and connection between two people. It is the story of two people surviving all the differences in their lives to lead a happy life together.

I watched the movie after reading the book. I felt some part of the story more deeper while watching the movie, but I am not sure how much of the story was actually represented by the movie. I found myself wondering about the connections between the scenes. But considering the complexity of the story, it is a well taken movie.

My verdict: The book is highly recommended. Watch the movie after that.

Rating : 4.5/5
Price : 350/- From LandMark, Forum Bangalore
Brand New Book

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