Book Review: Exodus by Leon Uris

Writing a review for a book like Exodus is truly difficult. I don’t think my words can capture all the feelings, thoughts and the emotions I went through while reading this book.

Exodus is about the founding of the State of Israel and the struggle of few of the Jews in achieving this drama. As in any historical fiction, some characters are fictitious but many are actually referring to or resembling actual people.

The name Exodus comes from the name of the ship which is used to transport 300 kids from the British detention camp in Cyprus to Palestine. There is elaborate description of the lives of people like Barack Ben Canaan, Ari Ben Canaan, Kitty Fremont an American nurse, Dov Landov, Karen Hansen Clement etc. The story starts with the sailing of Exodus and progresses describing the great struggle and the hardships these people face while fighting for the formation of the State of Israel. The romance between Ari and Kitty is also a part of the story.

My verdict: This book may not be correct in all its historical facts, but it has a well researched background and is well written. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is looking beyond the usual mysteries, thrillers, romance stuffs. Of course this book has enough of those to keep the readers interested 🙂

There is a movie based on this book released in 1960.

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