Book Review : The Choice by Nicholas Sparks

This is the second book that I am reading by the author Nicholas Sparks. The other book is ‘Dear John’ for which I am yet to write a review.

I have heard so much about his books like ‘The Notebook’ that I was having quite a lot of expectation from this book. The title quote of this book “how far will you go for love ?”

The Choice is the story of two neighbours -Travis Parker and Gabby Holland. Travis a vetinerary doctor meets Gabby when her dog becomes pregnant. Travis is attracted to Gabby and Gabby is also finding him irresistible. The fact that Gabby has a boyfriend who is temporarily away complicates the things. Their relationship starts as a friendship and later on become more than mere friendship.

This is all I can write about the plot without giving away the story. What I didn’t like about the story was that the author wrote the part one and got me very much involved in the story and abruptly moved to the second part which is ten years after part one. Some how I didn’t find that interesting and was not able to find a connection to the rest of the story.

I felt like the author did a half-hearted job and there was not many touching parts even though there were lots of pain and tragedy. Once I started reading the second part, it took me some time to understand the situation, leaving me confused for a while.

Rating : 3/5
Genre: Romance, Fiction

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