Book Review: Dork By Sidin Vadukut

I borrowed a copy of Dork – The Incredible Adventures of Robin Einstein Varghese when my friend read and recommended it. The book is still with me as I decided to write the review before I returned it. Now it is time to return the book to find some space for the new set of books.

One of the prominent thoughts that came to my mind when I read the first few pages of this pages was “Thank God ! I am not a Yembia , and that I don’t know a book which depicts the life of an Indian software engineer”… I could safely read on the rest of the pages since this books doesn’t refer to most of my life as a software engineer except the Corporate Culture…

On second thought– If any of you software engineers out there plan to write about your “incredible” adventures, do know the standard you need to keep if you want people to buy it, read it , laugh their hearts out and of course recommend. ( the last part is very essential if you need money and publicity ).

Robin Varghese is a Malayalee, fresh MBA graduate out of IIM-A, the most prestigious B-School in India. The story starts by narrating his interview experience in the final year of graduation and how he managed to impress the interviewers from the management consultant firm. The story progresses by narrating his incredible adventures and experiences as a management consultant as he climbs up the ladder in the company. So much for the plot.

Robin ‘Einstein’ Varghese is truly a modern avatar of Einstein himself or I should say that he is an evolved version of Einstein. I am sure Einstein would have never got the hang of the Corporate Culture like Robin did.
Robin introduces you to the world of the so-called “ass-licking’ corporate culture where promotions and appreciations are not based on hard work or talent, but rather how much you strive hard to please your seniors.

The story starts as an amusing account of a new entry to the corporate world, and later becomes a ‘ROFL’ narration of his adventures as a consultant. The more you read the more you will be amazed at the author’s ability to write comedy. I believe this is enough for a review.

On a closing note – Do check out this book. I believe it is worth the money and time you invest. Sidin is the owner of a rare ability to write comedy without overdoing it; you will never feel that you had an over dose of comedy like what you feel after watching certain movies.

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