Busy Days

A good part of April went with me slogging in the office, barely finding time to read anything. By the time I reach my room after a day’s work, I will be too tired to read a book. I used to read in my cab to office, but I prefer to sleep these days.

Inspite of all this hectic schedule, I did manage to read a few books and of course to buy some books ( Can’t help the urge to buy). I read The Rainmaker by John Grisham and enjoyed it a lot too. The other book that I managed to read is The Accidental Tourist by Anne Tyler. You can expect a review for both these books soon. I did read a few pages of PS. I Love You and will start The Road today.

The other news is that I didn’t get a copy of The Last Song which I ordered from flipkart.com on April 9th. I may get it by May 16th. So long :(. I am very much disappointed that I am unable to procure the recently published books even though I am living in Bangalore. Either the books are out of stock in the book stores or the online websites run out of stock after I order the book.

I read ‘The Accidental Tourist’ because I wanted to expand the list of authors I have read. I have this habit of sticking to the ‘read_and _tested’ authors or highly recommended authors and end up missing a lot of good books.

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