The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson

This is the second book in the Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson which has been on the New York Times Best Seller List for quite some time.

The best thing about this book is that the book became more exciting, thrilling and even more solid as we read through these pages. The story more or less closes most of the gaps and answers most of the questions that were left in the readers’ mind when they turned the last page of the first book in the Millennium Trilogy ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. Read my review of the book here.

The story begins when Lisbeth returns back to Stockholm after a year long travel around the world. As many people have pointed out in their reviews, there is a breast implant that she gets during this time which doesn’t go with her character or the story line. But then it can be considered as a woman’s vanity 🙂 Lisbeth tries to snoop around the life of Mikael Blomkvist who is her love interest, whom she was desperately trying to forget.

Meanwhile Mikael is approached by a young journalist with a well researched document about the sex trafficking in Sweden especially that involve minor girls from countries like Russia. This document is well backed up by a thesis by his girlfriend who plans to file court cases against many bigshots once her thesis is submitted. Lisbeth Salander come across these files through Mikael’s computer which she had hacked quite some back. Lisbeth with her strong moral values is interested in this document and she found out some information in which she has some personal interest. Lisbeth tries to reach out to the journalist and his girlfriend and they are shot dead on the same day.

Overnight Lisbeth is accused of three murders with murder weapon pointing to her. She is forced to go into exile from where she tries to sort the mess out. She tries to fit the pieces together bringing her face to face with her own nightmarish past, something which has left an unrecoverable mark on her life. What evolves is a lot of top secret information which was buried deep under the special interest of the top officially of the Swedish government itself.

Lisbeth Salander is more or less pictured as psychopath and a social outcast in the first book. In this book, her character is more or less well developed and the author had done a very good character building. I should say that the entire story revolves round Lisbeth who proves that everything that people think about her is totally wrong. The compassion and love that readers felt towards her is converted into much respect and awe. All she lack is acceptance from the society for which she no longer care.

I did read in some places referring to Lisbeth’s state as Aspeger’s syndrome, but I was not able to reach a definite conclusion from what is mentioned about her character.

This is all I can write without revealing too much of the plot itself. The story is quite fast paced from the very beginning and readers will love the way Lisbeth’s character evolved. She has become more of a human being that the intelligent computer hacker as pictured in the first book.

Rating: 5/5
Source : JustBooks, Koramangala
Genre : Crime Fiction

I will be posting the review of the third book – The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest very soon.

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