Forgotten by Susan Lewis : Book Review

Ok..I completed Forgotten by Susan Lewis book last weekend during the long weekend that I got due to the Ayodha verdict issue. It is true that I have to work on the coming Saturday to make up for it… Alas ! I had written that I picked up this book just because of its front cover.  Anyway I was determined to finish this book as soon as possible and didn’t keep much expectations.
Lisa Martin and David Kirby fell in love with each other when David was going through a difficult time in his marriage with Catrina. They both looked forward to a life together once his divorce with Catrina is done. But things change for them when Catrina comes forward to reconcile with David and David is torn between his love for Lisa and for his wife and daughter Rosalind. In the end Lisa is heart broken and she moves away from David’s life.
Almost twenty years later, when Catrina dies of cancer, David seeks out Lisa and both of them decides to get married. Rosalind is not at all happy with Lisa taking the position of her mother and that too in a very short time after her death.Things go well until David is suddenly diagnosed with a terminal illness. Lisa and David find themselves in a strained relationship as both of them try their best to cope up with David’s illness. The rest of the story is about their journey through David’s illness.
My Thoughts
Do people feel the same when they meet someone after twenty years.? This was a question that came first to my mind. I am not referring to love between them, but the set of emotions and feelings.
Rosalind’s character is pretty illogical…She seems to understand her son who suffers from Asperger’s syndrome, but not able to accept when her father is diagnosed with terminal illness even when all the symptoms are right there before her.(  Between Asperger’s syndrome is a favourite disease among modern writers, have read quite a few books with characters suffering from it)
The story was quite well written in the beginning, but by the end it looks like the author very badly wanted to conclude. So she concluded all the bad things that could happen and put them together to make it end.I did enjoy reading this book, but somehow it was more like reading a regular romance book minus the romance. There were so many sad moments, but none of them registered in my mind. And many times you are not able to justify the logic behind how each character reacts to a certain situation. I do wish Susan Lewis wrote a much better ending, at least something which looked a bit logically as a big picture, but then nothing was logical in this novel.
Rating : 2.5/5
Source : Just Books Library Bangalore

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