Adventures in Two Worlds by A J Cronin–Book Review

Adventures in Two Worlds 

Rating : 5/5
Genre: Autobiography
Source : Own second hand copy
Year of Release: 1952

One of my initial responses to Adventures in Two Worlds by A J Cronin was disappointment.  I was disappointed that the author has written a story which is very much similar to his acclaimed novel – The Citadel. I could recall a few of the stories from The Citadel which has been written in this book with a few changes in the details.Guess this is not what we expect from a famous author like A J Cronin.right?

I should say that by the second half of the book I was blown away by this book. Reading it became an adventure. I felt the first half story was written for the sake of writing, but reading the second half of the book was a true joy in itself.

Let me confess something to my readers at this point. I had never come across the fact that this book is an autobiography of the author until I just looked it up in Wikipedia. I felt it is so because the protagonist in this book becomes a writer towards the end of the story. Yea, I made a big blunder by assuming that this is another novel by A J Cronin.

Should I be ashamed of this late knowledge ? Yes and no. I was confused why the author would add details from one novel in another story with a similar background. Anyway I am so happy to have read this book, but I wish I had known that it was his autobiography. I loved reading his thoughts about his patients. Actually the author was able to take his readers close to his patients; we can read his feelings for his patients.

Another part which I enjoyed reading in this book was his religious views. They are so beautiful. Yea, it is true that I could relate to them because I share similar views. I found the final part more touching that the rest of the book.

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