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The Reader

Movie Information – The Reader

Directed by Stephen Daldry
Year of Release – 2008
IMDB Rating : 7.7/10

Awards For The Reader

Oscar Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role
Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role

I wrote about reading The Reader by Bernard Schlink few days back. As soon I finished it off, I was very much tempted to see how its movie adaptation would be. So here are my thoughts on the same.I am not going into the plot of the film since I had elaborated in my book review of The Reader.

Watching the movie was a different experience indeed. Kate Winslet had played the part of Hannah Schmitz so well that you are not surprised that she got so many awards for her performance in this movie. Young Michael Berg played by David Kross is another wonder. I am actually surprised that he won only the Las Vegas Film Critics Award.

As I mentioned in my book review, though the major theme of the movie is supposed to be about guilt of the German people after World War II, that is the point that was not convincingly portrayed in the movie too.

The relationship between Hannah and Michael Berg gets a deeper and profound meaning in the movie and this becomes the central theme of the movie.

Another aspect is the human ego which is so obsessively found in Hannah which makes her confess a crime that she was never capable of doing. Her ego doesn’t allow her to confess her incapacity to commit that crime.

Final Thoughts

The story has quite a few nude scenes which didn’t make me very comfortable since it involved a young Michael Berg and the much older Hannah Schmitz. I wish some of them could have been avoided without disturbing the flow of the story.

>A movie related to crimes during the World War II is not a joy to read. The same applied to The Reader. Along with such a disturbing theme, the complex relationship between Michael Berg and Hannah, the trial of the defendants it a serious theme. Watch this movie for some great acting by Kate Winslet and David Kross and an interesting story line. This movie is also for those who like history related movies.

Remember I never mentioned anything about the title of the movie.That’s a surprise worth watching out. Don’t want to give away that information.

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  1. dr.antony

    I didnt know you were going to wrote on the movie.
    I just loved it.I wanted to recommend this movie to you.
    Try Pans labyrinth (Spanish with subtitles) and The vanishing.


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