The Face of Deception(Eve Duncan) by Iris Johansen-Book Review

The Face of Deception (Eve Duncan)
  I was hooked onto Eve Duncan series by Iris Johansen when I read ‘The Search‘ and ‘Body of Lies‘. At that point I didn’t realize that these were a part of a series called Eve Duncan Forensic Thriller series. The eleventh book in this series (Chasing the Night) was published in 2010.
Eve Duncan is a forensic sculptor whose 8 year old daughter Bonnie was murdered by a serial killer. The murderer is executed without confessing the place where he has buried Bonnie’s body. Eve is determined to keep searching for Bonnie and also to identify as many bodies of children found buried so that they can be buried with proper respect by the parents. As an expert forensic sculptor, Eve Duncan has helped to identify many of bodies recovered and this passion keeps her going on with life and her search for Bonnie.
John Logan is a rich business who needs Eve to help him identify a skull. He tries to allure Eve by donating a huge sum for the cause of identification of bodies of unidentified children. Eve agrees to take the risk involved for the donation. Once she is done with the identification, Eve is shocked to identify the dead body and the danger she is currently in. She understands that the information she possess could put the lives of her and dear ones in serious danger. But there was no going back for her…She has to fight it against all the forces which very badly wanted to keep the truth a secret…Will Eve succeed in bringing out the truth? Will the world believe her? Will she be able to keep herself and near ones alive?
My Thoughts
Forensic Thrillers like The Face of Deception (Eve Duncan) are quite interesting especially because there are not many around. Another point is that the story needs to be convincing. Iris Johansen has built the character of Eve Duncan very well that most of her actions & thought processes looks quite justified. It is true that sometimes she seems to develop larger than life characters. But then a little extra is always tolerable in fiction :P
I enjoyed reading The Face of Deception because the plot was very refreshing filled with lots of suspense. Most characters are well formed and Iris Johansen has written the book such a way that the reader gets to know each one of them including the villain.
Recommended for fast, thrilling and easy read.
PS: From my experience, the books in the series can be read without following the sequence. But then following it gives you a clearer picture.
Rating: 4.5/5
Genre: Forensic Thriller
Year of Release: 1998

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