A Widow For One Year by John Irving – Book Review

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Recently I acquired the realization that if I don’t like a book after reading first 100 or 200 pages, it is best not to pursue it further. Also that it is totally OK to put down a book rather than making myself read it till the end of the book. After all I am not taking part in any competition or challenges. May be the sole reason for keeping away from Book Challenges was the freedom to read whatever I like, whenever I like.

Now onto this book which is mentioned in the title. If I can tell my thoughts in one sentence it is that I couldn’t stand the frequent sexual content in the book. The book starts by describing the sexual escapades between a 16 yr old boy and a much older woman. Though the story progressed much after this, there were frequent such sexual references. After some point I realized that there is gonna be more of it. Then I decided to put an end to it.

If you look at the book without taking into account the sexual references, it looks much readable. It is a story about writers especially about Ruth. The story starts when Ruth was around 4 and the protagonist was 16. The protagonist meets Ruth and her parents when he starts his internship as a writer’s assistant to Ruth’s father. The close encounters with the parents reveals a disturbing history in the family and about Ruth’s childhood.

The second part is about the life of Ruth as a grown up writer who is more successful than her father.  The protagonist himself is a writer though he has not encountered much success in his profession.  Unfortunately I stopped reading at this point :)

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