The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins – Book Review

The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins
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Suzanne Collins’s Hunger Games trilogy had caught my attention long time back, but I was very much determined to stay away from it since I believed the series to do something with Vampires…Remember I still have an aversion towards the Vampire Books.
My resolution waned when someone told me that the Hunger Games trilogy has nothing to do with Vampires. So I decided to try the book whenever I get a chance, though I was still not very keen about it. Now things have changed, I am waiting to grab a copy of Catching Fire as soon as I reach my library.
The theme/plot of the Hunger Games is a bit too much to digest initially. You really wouldn’t want to read about people killing each other though it is for their own survival. Our world is relatively much more peaceful for us to imagine something like that..So let me be honest when I say that I had a yuck feeling when I realized the plot of the story.
Penam is a country which is divided into 12 districts and these districts are totally controlled by Capitol where people enjoy all the luxuries of life. In the different districts, people lead a more primitive life and has to hunt/farm and work for Capitol to survive without dying.
The Hunger Games is the story of a few bunch of youngsters called tributes from these districts who are forcefully put together by the Capitol to kill each other. The last person to survive is the winner of the game and he/she can go back to their own family with lots of money. Basically it is all about killing someone or getting killed by someone. There is no other way out of the games.
The protagonist of the story is Katniss Everdeen who has a younger sister and mother to feed and she does it mainly by hunting animals in the forest and trading it for other things.Katniss’s hunting skills would help her in surviving the Hunger Games, but she has no idea about how strong her opponents are. She has to keep her eyes and ears sharp if she has any hope of winning the game so that she can return back to her mother and sister. Peeta is the boy tribute, the son of the local baker from the same district who has been selected for the Hunger Games along with Katniss. Though they will be trained together and will make appearances together, they know that only one of them will be the winner. Will they have to kill each other to win the game?
The character of Katniss Everdeen is depicted as a stable and sensible person, but there are times when she behaves very irrationally out of anger. Some of those behaviors are very hard to accept, though the author has tried to justify it as a flaw in her character. The whole of the book is a narration by Katniss, but there are sometimes when I wished that what is the point of view of Peeta, Rue etc during the games.
Overall The Hunger Games is a very gripping book and the author has taken care not to sound the killings as too gross. I am waiting to grab a copy of ‘Catching Fire’ which is the next book in the series.

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3 thoughts on “The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins – Book Review

  1. Rahul Nair

    For me hunger games was a stupid book, with a lousy plot. SO much that I don’t even care about the rest of the book in the series. I would have found it good if i had read it in School.

  2. Elizabeth

    To be frank, I was initially shocked when I found the plot. My hubby was equally surprised to find me engrossed in the book after I told him the plot…But somehow this book was a page turner for me…I will let you know what is my opinion after I read the next one…

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