Call me Elizabeth by Dawn Annandale – Book Review

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How far will you go to ensure the happiness of your kids? What will you do if you were in Dawn’s place? How would have you managed the same situation? I think these are questions that will be running perpetually in the back of your mind while reading this book, especially if you are a married woman with kids.

Dawn Annandale is a mother of six kids and the family was deeply in debt that they could be evicted out of their beautiful house any time. Her husband was quite passive about the situation and Dawn had no hope that he will take charge of the situation and do something to keep the house. Coming from a difficult family, the last thing that Dawn wanted was her kids to lose the sense of loving and security they are currently experiencing. 

Dawn’s attention is grabbed when she sees an advertisement for escort girls which will pay her around $300 per night. Dawn’s desperateness drives her to give the profession a try and later on when she finds that she manage to make more money doing prostitution, she leaves her job and goes into full night escort work. Step by step Dawn is able to manage her finances in a much better way.

This book is supposed to be an autobiography of Dawn Annandale which is the reason why the book has a very long title. “Elizabeth” is the psuedonym that she uses in her alternate profession.

My Thoughts 

Call me Elizabeth: Wife, Mother, Escort is a book that needs to be read with an open mind considering the sensitive nature of the story when you imagine Dawn to be a mother of six and woman who is still married to her husband. Dawn has extensively tried to justify her decision to go into the oldest profession, and her children’s happiness and sense of security is the prime factor. Her narration is simple but not boring, and she has taken good care not to make it like a porn magazine. But I should say that she has given enough information to give an idea about the dangers of her profession too. Her decision to go into the profession is more justified by the amount of money she made when she went into the profession as a full time profession at night.

This book is an interesting read though some narrations related to her profession may make you uncomfortable. I had my sympathy with Dawn especially when people whom she knew started harrassing her and threatening her. I was relieved when she finally decided to leave her job.

May be the disappointing part of the book was when I learned that Dawn Annandale went ahead and started an escort business of her own once she left her job as an escort. Her experiences as a business woman has been written in another book Call Me Madam: From Mother to Madam. It is difficult to justify this business when we know that Dawn was no longer financially desperate enough to do this. She is also not addressing the question of what would be her kids’ reactions when they come to know what their mother did for their happiness.

 My verdict: Grab this book for an interesting read, but then try to keep your mind open

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