100 Matchstick Puzzles – Kindle Book Review

A puzzle book full of matchstick puzzles. I believe that is pretty hard to come across; and something in Kindle format should be pretty rare. Well, that is what I think. 100 Matchstick Puzzles is yet another creation by the Grabarchuk Family who also created the 101Puzzle Quizzes which I had previously reviewed on my blog. Do check out the website for the entire range of their products.
The best thing about this puzzle book is that it is interactive and colorful. Isn’t that a great combination? Solving puzzles is interesting, but tend to make you feel bored quick. The interactive and colorful kindle book format helps you to keep your interest alive and kicking 🙂 Also the best feature to get people interested in solving puzzles especially the teeny-weeny kids running about our homes.Imagine the fun the family will have when they grab some matchsticks to solve the puzzles !!!
In my previous review, I had mentioned about the navigation difficulty and the need for a method for identify the complexity of puzzles. I should say that I was very much happy seeing that both has been taken care in this kindle book.Every puzzle is color coded in the index based on the complexity, ‘*’ indicating the least complex ones; and moreover the puzzles of same complexity appear together. This is a great idea considering that you can easily choose the puzzles based on your expertise or age. 
The different interactive buttons provide more navigation options on each page which ensures that you don’t get lost in the kindle pages; the absence of this flexibility was slightly irksome in the previous puzzle books.
The negative aspect of this book is that it is 100 puzzles of same type which could mean that the readers could find it monotonous after solving few puzzles compared to normal puzzle books which have different types.
Grab this book if your are looking for some brain teasing activities. Or could there be many other better options when you want to spend quality time with your kids and family and would prefer to have some mental exercises too? You will find this book worth every penny you have spent and even more !

PS: 100 Matchstick Puzzles by the Grabarchuk Puzzles was gifted to me for review.

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