Love, Peace and Happiness by Rituraj Verma

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Love, Peace and Happiness – these are the most important things that most people strive for in this world; deep inside these are the things which are most craved for. But does everyone achieve them? How far are most people from achieving them? How much are they themselves responsible for the lack of love, peace and happiness in their lives? These are the basic questions that form the theme of this book.

Love, Peace and Happiness is a collection of 9 stories with characters intertwined and frequently overlapping between the stories. These stories are inspired from real life stories happening around us in the modern fast paced life. I should say that this book mainly targets the younger generation who are in their 20s who are easily influenced by the latest social media technologies. I am not sure if people from other age group can understand or appreciate the situations in the stories; they may even find these situations far fetched.

Love, Peace and Happiness may be a book talking about love, peace and happiness but you will not get them when you read it. It is because the stories are dealing with the hard core realities in our lives which deny them for many people in this world. A story about a person enduring an unfaithful partner is not going to give you peace, neither about a guy who is having inferiority complex because his wife is earning more than him; nor a story about the guy who is not able to forget his ex-girlfriend and who is in constant search for her. In short this book does not belong to the genre of chick-lit books which are recommended for light reading.

The stories are written in simple English and the versatility of the stories is refreshing though I found the stories quite confusing because the characters are too intertwined across what should have separate stories.

The innovative thing about this book is the alternate endings which are published in the author Rituraj Verma’s website. If the reader is not satisfied with the ending, they are requested to write alternative endings for the stories which is also another innovative method in book publishing. Those readers who have a keen interest can take this opportunity as a challenge :)

The author has written this book with a very narrow audience in mind because only a few people (urban middle class) in their youth can understand these stories to some extent. But do you want to read one story after another about the lack of love, peace and happiness in people’s lives? Apart from a single story about a married couple who reunites a rift in their marriage, all other stories speak about people who will not find happiness in the recent future. Hence these stories leaves you disturbed and thinking about how we ourselves have behaved in our own personal lives. Yes there has been times when we have behaved like Swetha, Hanif, Rasheeda, Anamika etc who are characters appearing in these stories.

Did the possibility of alternate endings appeal personally to me? Naah!!! I did try to read them for the sake of writing this review, but then the website was not accessible. And my ability in writing is too bad that I am not even thinking about writing an alternate ending.

Love, Peace and Happiness: What more can you want? is a book about the continous search for love, peace and happiness by people around it. Some find it instantly, some wait too long to find them and some never find them ever in their lives. This book is the story of these people. Read this book for some real life characters which may be hidden in anybody around you.

PS: This review copy was provided to me by the author for my valuable opinion. For finding more about the author please visit his website here.

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