I Too Had a Dream by Verghese Kurien – Book Review

Note: This is a memoir as told to Gouri Salvi

I read this book almost an year ago and this post has been lying in my drafts folder for some time.. That means I read the autobiography of Mr Varghese Kurian before he passed away…

Mr Varghese Kurian is called the ‘The Milk Man of India’, and so with a lot of reason. He single handedly revolutionized the dairy sector of India by his sheer vision and far fetching ideas.
Who else could have thought about creating world class dairy facilities in the rural Gujarat? I don’t think that the governments in India even still think that real democracy should ensure that the real economic power in a country should reside in the hands of common man… This is what Mr Varghese Kurian tried to prove…That any sustainable growth of common man can only be achieved when the common man has a say in the way the money is generated…

The success of the brand ‘Amul’ is just one of the indication of the work of this social entrepreneur. And he proved to the world that common man will only benefit when they are empowered to generate income for themselves..Progress comes to common man only when he is given opportunities to self-sultanable income source.

I felt immense respect to Mr Varghese Kurien for making India the biggest milk producer in the world, for setting up a world class dairy industry managed by farmers, run by professionals, with all world class equipments ensuring the best product quality. He is the proof that it just takes a single person to revolutionize the life of millions…

I found this to be quite a honest account of his life..Though you may find a slight tinch of pride in his words, I think he has always been proud of his achievements in his career. It is very interesting to read about all the conflicts he had with the bureaucracy to achieve his goals.. We should salute his persistent in fighting with all those bureaucrats to achieve his goals..

‘I Too Had a Dream’ is very inspiring, proding you to do something for the society, for the common man. Atleast it forces you to think about what you are giving back to your country…For that reason it is a great idea to read this book.

About Varghese Kurie

Kurien has received 12 honorary degrees from universities around the world and the following awards for his achievements.

1999     Padma Vibhushan
1993     International Person of the Year Award
1989     World Food Prize
1986     Wateler Peace Prize Award
1986     Krushi Ratna Award
1966     Padma Bhushan
1965     Padma Shri
1963     Ramon Magsaysay Award

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