Keeping House by Margaret Kim Peterson – Book Review

Genre: Christian Non-fiction

Why should woman keep house for her family or anyone at all? Should they clean the house one morning to find that it has become dirty by the end of the day? Who in the family is responsible for cooking, feeding  good food and clothing family members with clean and ironed clothes? Why should anyone do all those never ending household chores?

I know none of this questions or answers make much sense. But it will all make sense when the act of Keeping House is looked upon with a Christian angle. OK, this book is about linking keeping house and being a good Christian. It is about the need to take the household chores seriously as opportunities to serve others, providing your family with a great environment and in return nurture good relationships with your family and God Himself.

Why should anyone put effort in doing household chores especially in modern times when everything should happen with the least effort? Should people spend their after work hours cooking, cleaning and washing clothes. Isn’t take away food enough? Isn’t it OK if the house was not cleaned so frequently? What happens when all the household responsibilities are dumped on one single person? What are the ways in which responsibilities can be shared?

Margaret Kim Peterson comes up with some good answers to all these questions by her own. I would confess that I found some of her ideas as awesome, but there were few points which I could not agree at all. But overall she made me think about my thoughts towards household chores and how I do them.

Doing household chores as ways to serve others and God,creating a happy environment for our families is the basic theme of the book. After all proper food, shelter and proper clothing are our basic needs. 

Overall, I found the book to be encouraging especially at times when I am too tired to finish all the chores while taking care of a one year old baby. As I wrote before, this book helps to take out a few frustrations of being a working mother with very little time. It also helps you to understand the importance of the stability created in our families by performing these repetitive chores.

Giving a biblical angle for everything was something I didn’t like in this book. I felt like the author is thinking too much or giving more importance to certain aspects based on her own interpretations of the Bible.

Verdict: Recommended for all Christian men and women especially married people.

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