Margaret Fuller by Megan Marshall – Book Review

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I didn’t know who was Margaret Fuller when I requested to review this copy. And I learned a lot of things about her and generally about American women in the 19th century.

Margaret Fuller was an intellectual woman whose father played a pivotal role in nurturing her in books. But it is also true that her father regretted this when he found out that Margaret was too intellectual to fit into a feminine mould.

Margaret had a difficult childhood and her adulthood was no better as she was forced to take up teaching to help her family. Margaret lost her younger sister at a very young age and she had to face the death of her baby brother when she was an adult.

Though Margaret was furious when her friend suggested that she write books, she realized a little later that writing was the only way to earn money and also to convey her thoughts to other people in the world. 

My Thoughts

I found this book both interesting and yet boring at times. I remember going back to the book again and again. I think the main problem was my inability to relate to the theme of the book. Somehow the writing felt flat in some places. As a result, I decided to abandon the book after reading some 25% of the book.

Verdict: Recommended for those who are really interested about learning about women in the 19th century and feminism.

Source: Review copy from Publisher through Netgalley. The opinions are solely mine.

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