Jojo Moyes - Honeymoon in Paris. Short Novella before The Girl you Left Behind

Honeymoon In Paris by Jojo Moyes – Review

Jojo Moyes - Honeymoon in Paris. Short Novella before The Girl you Left Behind


I had read few good reviews about ‘Me Before You’ by Jojo Moyes which was the reason why I am curious to read and review this novella. This is a prequel to the book ‘The Girl You Left Behind’ coming out in September. I should say that this was a sheer pleasure to read and I was so sad that the novella ended up so fast.

Ok. Now this was not at a happy book. This has a lot of heart-wrenching moments which I felt was expressed so beautifully. Can you imagine what happens when a woman doubts her decision to marry while on her honeymoon? What happens when a woman feels so lonely during her honeymoon when the couple is supposed to have a ‘top of the world’ feeling?

Honeymoon in Paris has two stories running in parallel – that of Sophie and Edouard Lefevre in France during the First World War, and, nearly a century later, Liv Halston and her husband David. And there is a moment when both stories intersect while Liv is looking at a picture of Sophie drawn by Edouard.

I should just conclude by saying that I am just eagerly waiting for ‘The Girl You Left Behind’

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes – Book Review

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