Girls Love Travis Walker by Anne Pfeffer – Book Review

Literary Awards

Third Place for Fiction 2013 Indie Reader Discovery Awards (2013)
National Indie Excellence Awards (NIEA) (2013)

To nineteen-year-old high school dropout Travis Walker, women are like snowflakes–each one different, but beautiful in her own way.

He can charm any girl he meets, and yet down deep he fears he’ll always be a loser like his jailbird father. As the landlady threatens to evict him and his sick mother, Travis takes a job he hates and spends his evenings picking up girls at a nearby night spot.

When he enlists in a teen program at the local fire station, he finds out he’s amazing at it. Then he meets the smoking hot Kat Summers, enlists Kat’s friend Zoey to help him woo her, and falls in love for the first time ever.

But he keeps the details of his life secret. His girl will never love him back if she knows the truth about him

Before all of your my regular visitors starts wondering about this book based on its cover and storyline, let me tell you that this cover is very misleading; and of course the title of the book. I wish the editor did put some thought on these two points.

Anne Pfeffer has done a wonderful job of writing on the issue of homeless people, people who find it difficult to meet two ends, people who depends on soup kitchen for their survival.From what little I found about her other books, I think she usually takes up some difficult issues as one of the main themes and wind a romance around it.

I liked the character of Travis Walker very much. He acts very much like the 19 year old that he is. The way he takes up responsibility for himself and his mother, his insecurities about being a failure in life, his need to hide things from others, his frustration about not able to feed or protect himself etc etc. Anne Pfeffer succeeds in this wonderful portrayal of  the character of Travis Walker. He is helpless but not weak, worried but not whiny !

I enjoyed reading this book though I was initially apprehensive if I ended up with a M&B kind of book. I really didn’t give a damn if Travis Walker was handsome or ugly, if girls loved him or not etc because it does not make any difference to the story. Probably someone should suggest changing the title and republishing this book just like how Pfeffer did for her other book ‘Loving Emily’.

Rating: 4/5
First Release: March 2013

Note: I received an ebook from the author as review copy in return for my honest review.

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4 thoughts on “Girls Love Travis Walker by Anne Pfeffer – Book Review

  1. Reema Sahay

    Sounds good :-) You know, I get a lot of review requests for international titles, some are ready to send hardcopies too. But I usually don’t take them up.I really admire this ability in you. You are open to new authors / books. I think I should start doing it too now. NetGalley is yet to happen though. I haven’t read any ebook yet.

    1. Elizabeth


      I get more scared when i get requests from Indian authors…About this book, I was initially apprehensive seeing the actual cover, but once I started reading the book I enjoyed it.

      You should join Netgalley asap. Trust me, you will love it.

  2. Binu Thomas

    Nice decision to go with the book despite the title and cover page. A risk well taken. I agree, the topic and cover should have been in sync with the story..

    Nice to find a fellow book reviewer :)


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