traffic malayalam movie 2011

Traffic (Malayalam) Movie Review – 2011

traffic malayalam movie review 2011

When I start writing about this malayalam movie, I feel that it may be too late to write about this two year old movie, but then I really felt a need to write my thoughts down. I watched it for the first time few months after it was released, had liked it but never bothered to watch it later.. Then I happened to see it last day and was once more smitten by this brilliant movie.To watch a flawlessly made movie is a rare treat and when it is a thriller which keeps you at your wit’s end worrying what is going to happen next is one of the best experiences in entertainment. The only other alternative is to read a suspense thriller novel. (Sorry I am not into horror movies or horror novels).

Rajesh Pillai has done a great job for a debut director. Every scene, every camera angle, every single dialogue was totally focused. There are no super human beings in this movie, there are no dramatic dialogues, no blood pumping action sequences in this one. This movie is a combination of all those every day stories that you seen around you – bribery, road accidents, heart failures, extra-marital affairs. The duo – Bobby and Sanjay should be given the full credit for tying up all this stories into a suspense thriller.

This movie has an ensemble cast – A cast where each character gets more or less the same screen time. ( Says wikipedia…I learnt¬† the meaning today). Since I had not watched ‘Elsamma Enna Annkutty’ when I first watched this movie, this was my first experience watching the new Kunchacko and I really loved him in this one. Lena as Riya’s mother does not require any more praise considering the no of awards she bagged for this role. Sandhya as Raihan’s love interest did a good performance by being so self-controlled in her grief.

A superb cast, a tight plot, and awesome direction makes this one a true delight to watch.

Now onto to some quirky thoughts…SPOILER ALERT

For a movie which was made as realistic as it could be, I could not understand why they made 18-year old Namitha Pramod( she is 1993 born) act as the 13 year old daughter of Sidharth Shankar. She looks too old to be a 13 year old, though most of the scenes involves her lying down in an hospital gown.

I think Shwetha’s scenes with Able (Kunchacko Boban) was too romantic for a wife having an affair with her husband’s best friend. Or will someone convince me that she was acting her part too well so that Able is not suspicious of her?

Will a trainee journalist just out of college get to interview a superstar live on tv and that too on his first day  of job ? :P

To conclude this movie is worth every minute you spent…

If you don’t follow Malayalam or don’t want to watch it with subtitles, don’t worry this movie is being remade in Tamil, Hindi etc. The fact that Manoj Bajpayee just ensures that this is going to be another viewer’s delight…

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