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Recent Books on My Shelf #10

I have wanted to write a ‘Recent Books on My Shelf’ post for a long time. But time has become a big problem these days. Then my decline in reading is another factor responsible for lack of such posts.

Few books that I read so far in 2014:

The top read so far would be Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult. Gone Girl is more of a suspense thriller and The Storyteller revolves around World War II and the holocaust.

Forget Me Knot by Mary Marks book review

And I am currently reading these three books. Blackberry Pie Murder gets the priority as it is a kindle book which I read on my mobile. The other two are hard copies which makes it little difficult to find time to read them.

I think I was quite late in reading Gone Girl and The Fault in our stars among serious book readers. But sometimes I like to wait and read some reviews before grabbing a popular book and that usually works fine by me.

I am extremely happy that I am a netgalley member which enables me to keep track of new books that are released and gives me lots of opportunities to read great  books. I really don’t want to read free kindle books on my mobile if it is possible to read something else.

If you are a serious book reader and is not aware of netgalley, you should totally check it out. All you need to start off is a Kindle or a mobile with Kindle app or a laptop with Kindle app or Adobe Digital Editions. You will get to read ARCs of many books to be published this year.  Personally I use the Kindle app on my Lenova P780 which is an android phone. For certain kinds of book, I have Adobe Digital Editions installed on my laptop :)

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