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Trip to Indore

We were back from Indore on Sunday night, but due to the hectic schedule this blog post is coming a few days late. :)

The flight journeys were comfortable to the level that was possible with a toddler who is forced to sit in one seat for 3 hours at a stretch. We just paid for her seat since she is more than 2 years, but Indigo cabin crew asked us to hold her in the lap during take off and landing. So the third seat was mostly used as book/handbag storage area.

Clara was pretty cool about landing and take off and her ears did not seem to hurt much during landing unlike my husband who had to drink warm water to ease off the ear pain. We actually forgot to carry chewing gums which is the best solution for ear ache (new gyan for me)

Indore is quite warm to venture out during the day with a kid. And I realized that there is no concept of public transport system there. There is a system of A/c buses called the ibus which was introduced recently, but everyone seems to rely on personal vehicles. I cannot even recall seeing an auto rickshaw in Indore. So different for a Bangalorean…I should say that it was a relief to go out with very less traffic on road, but the drivers are more aggressive in Indore. And the number of people wearing helmet in Indore is almost equal to the number of people who does not wear helmet in Bangalore :).

I did not go out to eat anywhere. But my husband got lots of items from the famous Gurukripa hotel. The Chilly Paneer, Methi Mattar Malai and Paneer Butter Masala from that place was yummy. I also had the Palestian dish Falafel with Pita bread from a roadside place next to Mother Mary’s grotto. The other place I visited was the Katori Market  for shopping which was quite crowded. I had a tough time walking around with so many two wheelers around.

The highlight of the trip was a trip to the Indore zoo. Indore zoo is quite small, but this was the first time when Clara got to see so many animals in real life. We are planning to take her to Bannerghatta National Park one of these days. The white peacock decided to open its wings as a goodbye gesture !!!

Overall it was a short and sweet trip – visiting family, being to a part of India that I have never being etc. The climate in Indore was not very warm and we could almost survive without turning on A/c at night.

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