Drishyam (Malayalam) – 2013

Drishyam malayalam movie poster with mohanlal

I think Drishyam would be one of most watched movie in Malayalam in 2013-2014 (Bangalore Days may have changed this now)and yes it deserves all the attention it got and I hope all the remakes are worth the effort.

Ok. Now onto some serious thoughts about the movie.

I liked it very much and had some idea about the story considering that you will end up hearing bits and pieces when a film is so popular.

But then am I the only one who thought the first half was a little dragged? We spent more than 2 minutes watching a new police officer come to a new place and then he is seen no more in the movie or does not have any significant role in the rest of the movie? (update: that is the producer of the movie…so let us forgive him for the waste of screen time)

Then there is a scene where Mohanlal’s character Georgekutty watches some intimate scene on TV and goes home to surprise his wife. Somehow I did not like the 2-3 scenes that followed. Georgekutty trying to woo his wife, their small debates, then discussion about previous night on breakfast table next morning…I clearly did not understand what the script writer was trying to convey here.. And my mother asked me “Did you put this movie to show such scenes to me?” Something about these scenes came out weird and unnecessary for the overall script of the movie.

I was not much impressed with the first half, but then the second half makes up fantastically. The second half is brilliantly edited with all the just ingredients to make it as thrilling as possible.

I don’t know how many people will agree with me; but it is true that I am so happy that Mammotty declined this role. He may have done a good job, but Mohanlal seems to be the best person to do the role of Georgekutty. The casting of Meena as Georgekutty’s wife and the two children are exceptionally great decisions.

Asha Sarath as the IPS officer and Siddique as her husband are other great choices in the movie. Asha looks a little artificial at few places, but then she has done justice to most of her scenes.

But then the most surprising about this movie could be casting of  Kalabhavan Shajon as the villain in this movie. I salute the confidence of the producer and director and casting director when they gave such an important role to a comedy actor. I believe his effort was well rewarded by the number of awards he won for his role.

Ok. The most important point that drives the whole story is about a yellow car. Guess I should give a spoiler alert at this point – *SPOILER ALERT* – How can an intelligent character like Georgekutty who is depicted as an exceptionally brilliant person can make the mistake of driving a car in daylight through places where he can be too easily recognized? That is the place where the script is most weak..Do you agree? The police officer does not see Georgekutty by accident in a far away place..He saw him drive the car in his locality itself. I know this glitch drives the whole second half, but I believe this part could have been a bit more convincing.

Even with all these flaws Drishyam would be one of the best movies made in the recent times and I am not surprised if it is remade into many more languages in the coming years. But yes, a little more tighter script and editing could have done this movie a favor.

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