We are back

So we are actually back with full force on this blog after a 6 week hiatus. And Junior has gained some weight and did lose some hair. Yes, he is a very serious guy. We really really have to work hard to get that rare smile on his face :)

And the girl seems to enjoy her days at my parents’ place in Kerala. Here you can see her helping in drying the baby’s clothes when we got a bit of sun inbetween the heavy showers. We saw a lot of rains, thunderstorms here in the past few weeks and it was nice, but scary for the kiddos.

Clara had not ventured out of the house much after we came here because I usually leave her with my maid and mom whenever I go to the hospital. The above pic was taken during one of the rare occasions when she went out with her father . She is holding her much precious ‘Popy'( brand name) umbrella and you can see that the yard is still wet from the rains.

We bought Clara 3 books out of the ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ series. As of now, she is quite young to appreciate the books, but then one day we will see her reading and enjoying them.Atleast that is our plan !!!

I read quite a few books and there are at least 8-10 book reviews that I need to write apart from the movies that I want to talk about here. But alas, I am way too lazy to sit and type whenever both kiddos are sleeping because I just want to snuggle close to either of them or both and go to sleep…

The vacation saw me active on twitter, but then I don’t think it did any good for this blog, though it kept me occupied and was helpful in making some nice friends. And the number of instagram pics of books that I got to ogle at was just awesome.

My vacation helped me in discovering few trends in the bookish world. Like many serious reviewers end up reading and reviewing the same set of books and this small set of people are quite capable of making or breaking a deal for an author irrespective of the quality of the book. That is why few books get over-hyped and your interest fizzles out when you start reading them.  But most of the time we get to read the best books out there because of these people ( I don’t yet count myself in that group though I actually read quite a lot of ARCs)

I think I have become very picky about which books to read and you can see some recently popular book reviews on this blog soon. Now that the baby has grown a bit, I hope to get some time to write the pending reviews and keep up this blog. Watch out for me dear friends !!!

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