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This happens to be my 250th post on this blog and what better way to write it than to speak about my  favorite author  A J Cronin!

If you ask me who is my favorite author I believe my answer would be A J Cronin. He is a Scottish physician(19 July 1896 – 6 January 1981) who turned into a novelist. I know many of you would not have even heard of this author. I was also in the same situation until few years back when a dear friend introduced his books to me. At that time, it was very much difficult to get a new copy of his books and I remember scouting Blossom Book House in Church Street, Bangalore for finding old tattered copies of A J Cronin novels.

You can see most of my collection in above picture made over the years. Few books have been left out because they are not fit to be shown and I am not at my place to take pictures of those ones. The almost fresh looking copy of The Keys of the Kingdom actually belong to TH. He bought it when I get him hooked to A J Cronin books.
The Citadel by A J Cronin- AJ Cronin Books

Though The Keys of the Kingdom is my favorite  A J Cronin book, looking at the no of visits on my blog, ‘The Citadel‘ seems to be his most popular work. I have re-read the former book and that would be one of the very few books that I have re-read ever. The only other books I remember re-reading are ‘Gone with the Wind’ and ‘Anne of Green Gables’ series.

Today while I was itching to read something different I decided to buy unread books by  A J Cronin and I ended up buying 6 kindle books on amazon.

The list of A J Cronin books that I got today:

  1. The Spanish Gardener
  2. The Innkeeper’s Wife
  3. The Minstrel Boy
  4. The Lady with Carnations
  5. The Stars Look Down
  6. Dr Finlay’s Casebook

I will be reading these books in the coming day and hope to put up reviews as soon as possible. ( I have a huge backlog with few awesome books pending to be read ). There are few more kindle books available in amazon and I will buy them later.

The A J Cronin books reviewed on this blog:
  1. The Keys of the Kingdom (Highly Recommended)
  2. Adventures in Two Worlds (Autobiography)
  3. Three Loves
  4. A Song of SixPence
  5. Beyond This Place
  6. The Citadel 

I have read Hatter’s Castle,The Judas Tree and Crusader’s Tomb, but never wrote the reviews for them.If you are a reader interested in good old fashioned but realistic stories based in old Europe, please read A J Cronin books.

If you just want to read something awesome, please please read ‘The Keys of the Kingdom’. You will absolutely love it !

Are there any A J Cronin fans out there?

One thought on “Reading A J Cronin Books

  1. Lisa

    I also absolutely love AJ Cronin. I read and watched ‘The Keys of the Kingdom’ countless times when I was young! His books even helped convert me!


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