Wishlist Bad Luck and the Classics Club

I seem to have some bad luck when I want to read the books that I put on my wish list. If you remember my first wish list post Book Wishlist #1, I had put the ‘The Collected Works of A J Fikry’ as the book that I want to read very soon. I ordered it online to TH’s office and TH has successfully lost or misplaced the book. So after ordering the book well over 2 months, I am yet to read this book.On wednesday early morning, I ordered ‘The Book Thief’ featured on last week’s wishlist along with Chronicle of a Death Foretold byGabriel Garcí­a Márquez to my brother’s office address. I was just waiting to read The Book Thief last weekend and has been diligently tracking the flipkart order ever since. It is now monday morning and there has been no change in the tracking status for The Book Thief since wednesday when the order was processed and sent through First Flight Couriers.! The other book may be somewhere in Cochin.

The Classics Club logo

The Classics Club

Then I have been caught by the Classic Club bug and will soon join the Class Club challenge. This means I will be reading atleast 50 ( that is the minimum) classics in the next 5 years. I am yet to decide the 50 books that I will read for the challenge since there are so many books which comes in the category of ‘Classics’. For more information on classics please visit The Classics Club blog.

If anyone is interested in reading or even re-reading the classics, I will tell you something. Many of those books that has been on your to-read list for years will mostly come under Classics reading. Believe me, many of the books in my to-read list was covered when I started searching for classics and I need to sit down to cut the my initial list of  around 100 books to to 50.

If you want a sneak peek at the list of books and authors for the reading, click the links below.

Book List – Classic Club

The Goodreads List

I will be joining the Classics Club as soon as my book list is ready. Anyone else interested?

Thanks to Nishita for the inspiration !

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