Kaikondrahalli Lake on Sarjapur Road Bangalore

Kaikondrahalli Lake on Sarjapur Road

One of the things I love about Bangalore are the umpteen number of lakes in the different parts of the city. These lakes and the trees around keep you sane in the midst of the mad traffic. I do wish we had some good solutions for the traffic problems. But a comprehensive solution is yet to come..

Kaikondrahalli Lake on Sarjapur Road is a lake which I started visiting after we moved to the side of the Outer Ring Road,Bangalore. This lake is right next to the Total Mall on the Sarjapur Road and is around 1.5 km from my place. We have started going there on weekends for a walk or a short run.

When you compare the area and the infrastructure around this lake with the general infrastructure of the choked you will be genuinely impressed. The lake is maintained very meticulously and you cannot even see any water hyacinth growth or dirty stagnant water anywhere. The secret of this impeccable maintenance is because the lake and surroundings are maintained by private parties and is funded by well wishers.

Kaikondrahalli Lake on Sarjapur Road

The best thing that I loved about the trail around the lake is that there is a concrete block as well as mud trail around the lake. Those who want to take a better care of their knees while running can run over the mud trail and the concrete block laid path is good for casual walkers. Kaikondrahalli Lake on Sarjapur RoadThere is a small butterfly park in one corner of this lake trail where you can kind different varieties of butterflies. I saw this while I was jogging around the lake, so I am yet to take a closer look at the butterflies here.

I don’t have any affiliation to the Kaikondarahalli lake or its caretakers, but it is my genuine request to all Bangaloreans to contribute to preserve this beautiful place. I have added the Facebook page for your reference.

Facebook Page: Kaikondrahalli Lake

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