Recent Books on My Shelf #18

It has been months since I did a ‘Recent Books on My Shelf’ post. I cannot blame lack of time alone for not updating this blog. The reasons for the neglect of this blog would be a combination of work+distractions due to other social media platforms+ kids+ sheer laziness. When I am traveling to office, I make all the plans to update this blog in the evening and then I get busy with the above reasons. It goes on and on.

Now onto to some interesting books that I read recently.

go set a watchman harper lee

Go Set a Watchman is something that I bought after few days of contemplation. I was not sure if I want to destroy the good feeling I had towards Atticus Finch and dear little Scout. Reading a few reviews confused me a bit. Later I decided to go ahead and bought it and didn’t regret my decision.

I liked it but didn’t fall in love with the adult Scout and her story, and the young Scout did linger in the shadows even though I kept reminding myself that Mockingbird was not a prequel to this book.

the Martian Andy Weir book cover movie with matt damon

I just finished reading The Martian by Andy Weir. If you are familiar with Goodreads Choice Awards, you would know that this was voted as the best Science Fiction in 2014. I had this book in my to-read shelf from last year, but didn’t get a copy. I was hoping that Bangalore libraries will procure it for me. Finally I just went and watched the movie rather than read it.

I hope to write a detailed post about The Martian soon, but at this point let me just tell that this is an awesome book and The Martian is the science fiction to read even if you are not into sci-fis. I share similar thoughts about the movie too.

Read my review of The Martian movie

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