Classics Club #4- Marcovaldo by Italo Calvino

marcovaldo by italo calvinoI heard about Italo Calvino when my husband mentioned his desire to read some of his works. I had no clue about this author, but promptly went and requested a copy in our justbooks library.

Marcovaldo turned out to be a collection of short stories narrating incidents from the life of Marcovaldo who is an Italian peasant living in a big city with his wife and children. He works in a factory and has a boring existence and longs for his rural life.

I just loved this book. The character Marcovaldo actually deserves more stories to be written about him. The writing style is so fluid and you will see yourselves chuckling yourselves reading few of the stories.

The mushroom, the bill board, the wasp treatment are some of the stories which left me laughing. I enjoyed other stories, but these were the ones that made me love the character more.

Must read!

Do let me know if there is any specific book by Italo Calvino that I should read next.

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